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    IMCo Shelf immediately sets off an alarm when a shoplifter begins to act, exposing the attempted theft right at the POS. Shop staff can then intervene in a service-oriented manner, thereby preventing the situation from escalating.

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Inventory Systems

Inventory Systems produces intelligent loss prevention solutions for retailers to reduce stock loss and increase sales.

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The IMCo Shelf system

IMCo Shelf: Reveals shoplifting right at the POS!

  • Detects product movements
  • Uses pattern-recognition algorithms to check all removals for unusual incidents
  • Thus recognizes when a thief is operating and sounds an alarm at the display stand

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High quality standard components made in Germany.


Since 2000 Inventory Systems works on innovative products. We have successfully completed over 100 + projects for retails and suppliers and are ready to help you with creative solutions.


IMCo Shelf increases sales by up to 14%. Stock losses have been reduced by up to 88% in all systems installed to date. Leading global retailers are currently using the IMCo Shelf in Germany, Denmark, Austria, USA and Australia.